“Perfect Single Shot Development Class™”

“Perfect Single Shot Development Class™”

How it works and why it is working? …This class was created with the most needed information in mind for competitive athletes in Olympic style target shooting or NRA International Pistol. Class holds in private sessions formatted for each individual who is looking to attend the class to receive the absolute amount of attention and to have all necessary questions answered.

“Perfect Single Shot Development Class™”

Next important benefit of the class … The class is taught by Ruslan Dyatlov, Chief Instructor of Midwest Academy Consulting Group, whose experience and knowledge in the competitive field is measured not by hypothetical ides or theories, but by solid performance over 27 years in the competitive field.
Why two days? … On the first day, you will receive information and ask questions. On the second day, you will explain all new patterns and concepts related to your new model of practice and performance. If it is necessary, it will be fine tuned before you will start working on it at home.

The most important part: three months of support from this class. The value of support is crucial as well as the class itself. You will be monitored all the way up in your performance. We have a conservative number in mind: 570 AP as our target goal. There is no limit to score over this target or a few points less. The main idea is to move your performance higher from the previous stagnation phase and to build confidence in the unlimited possibilities of your future development.

Are you still wondering why someone else’s performance is different than yours by to 20 to 30 points up? There is system, structure, and strategy involved or just talent. Would you like to have your efforts deserve an exceptional performance?

My best wishes! See you soon at my class! Call us: #248.935.3257.
“Perfect Single Shot Development Class™”
Two Days/ Eight Hours + 3 Months of Support
Value: $760.00. Location: Troy, MI

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