Am I Convinced or Am I Committed?


I started my athletic career at the age of fourteen in 1978. My father tragically died two years earlier. I remember from an early age he gave me one shiny pin, the KMS of the USSR. This pin was so beautiful for me, but it was somebody else’s achievement. Anyone who was able to wear this pin had immediate recognition from me. In those days, I did not have the opportunity to join any sport activities in my school besides attending a fitness class… This was when my dream was born.

When my family moved to Belarus to be close to my relatives, I was trying to join track and field. I was happy to start working toward my goal. My goal was to achieve my own KMS pin. By accident, I was introduced to target shooting, not only as a sport activity, but to join and be part of a high level competitive team. They had only one available opening and I happened to be around.  I was asked if I would like to join the team. I accepted their offer without hesitation. I would have done anything to get closer to my dream in order to receive that shiny pin, and this was the perfect opportunity for me.

I became part of highly respectful, young, and promising athletes, which I personally wasn’t at the time. During the first year, I was the last one in everything because I had no previous experience in target shooting (ISSF former UIT). Nonetheless, I had a dream, goal, and guts! In 1979, I was among the best of three athletes in my team. It had much meaning because I was always selected to travel with my team to different parts of the country. We mostly visited places such as Minsk, Lvov, Tallinn, Riga, and Soxumi.


In 1980, the Olympic Games happened in Moscow and I received my dream pin. I became #1 in my team and became a member of the junior team in Belarus. I started dreaming about the next step: to become an MS (Master of Sports of the USSR). I achieved it later in 1983 when I studied for my first Bachelor’s Degree in Ukraine (Donetsk). When I achieved this level, I started to think about the MSMK, which I also achieved 12 years later in 1995 when I joined the SKA16, marksmanship unit CISM program in Russia.

One can’t expect a new outcome by doing the same thing over and over again. Reading new information is not what you think you need.  I detect weak areas in performance, offer new solutions, and provide 90 days to create a new successful model of performance.

Why did I disclosing this information? In our sport, there is no age limit to achieve your goal. The most important thing is your own motivation. Are you committed to achieve your goal or just convinced?

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