The Value of One of My Awards


In 1981, as a member of the junior team of Belarus, I was selected to participate in a two week special practice session with elite USSR Olympicstyle athletes and USSR national coaches. At the time when I was selected to participate at this training session, my average score was FP 550 to 555 and AP 570 to 574. After the two week completion of this training session, we entered to participate at the USSR national championship. I scored my personal best of six points above my average score in FP (561) and four points higher in AP (578).

You will treasure this experience forever when you reach your “Flow” or “POP” (Peak of Performance). You can’t force it or push it over development. One particular “special thing of yours” is a complex development where all elements adjust to the highest performance, including your body, your mind, your tool (Olympic Pistol), and most importantly, “Perfect Single Shot Development”. I was very please to stay on the same podium with Igor Basinski who took first place and scored FP 565. I do not remember who took second place with a score of FP 562 or 563.

I was presented with a book and the personal signature of one of the top national coaches who conducted this training session and was responsible for my unexpected and immediate progress. I treasure my experience and I am happy to offer the same training in my Master Class program to dedicated Olympic style pistol athletes at Midwest Academy Consulting Group. This class is available after the successful accomplishment of the “Perfect Single Shot Development Class™”.

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