Student: Your New Goal Is 540 In Free Pistol

Your goal to score 520 in Free Pistol is real and achieveable. Let’s think logically about this. When you came to me to learn about Perfect Single Shot Development, I thought you built enough confidence of how to score 9s and 10s. Is this correct? Shortly after, you told me you felt a difference when you consciously applied a new model of performance toward your goal. Can you score 9s? If you will score 9s sixty times, you will achieve a score of 540. This should be your new target area.

Secondly, the next point of your awareness should be developing a strategy to eliminate your mistakes or the pattern of your mistakes. Mistakes can be related to your shots of eight or lower. After each bad shot, you have to sit down, take your hand out of your grip, think about the causes of this bad shot, and put it in writing based on the six fundamentals which we have described earlier.

When you will see a certain pattern of the majority of your mistakes, you can create an approach to eliminate this group of bad shots. If it will be hard for you to recognize them, I will try to help you if it will be possible without seeing your real performance at the shooting range. Your ability to gain new knowledge and skills in different areas of your life must be an important part of new development.

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The last point about the strategy of how to achieve your goal are warming exercises prior to your match. You have to come to your competitive location one hour or an hour and a half before the match and start holding your pistol in front of a white wall and warm up muscle control for at least fifteen to twenty mintues. This is how your sighters will come up smoothly and it usually takes less time as you spent before.

Since you noticed your last shots went badly in your match, here is a strategy to overcome those obstacles. Pretend you have to accomplish seventy shots, not sixty. I use this technique for myself and I am able to eliminate the stress very shortly and never saw it again. Remember, this is a mental game. All your opponents have the same or different related fears, problems, issues, feelings, desires, and emotions. Someone who is able to take control of those elements will become a winner of the game. There are a lot of things to think about and a lot of things to accomplish.