Thoughts of Similarities Between SCUBA Activities & Olympic Style Target Shooting

I would like to share some thoughts about my recent SCUBA activities and “similarities” related to Olympic style shooting.

The first thing in mind is the equipment cost: it is not a cheap activity, equipment costs from $1,500 to $7,000 or more. Our three Olympic style pistols have a similar price range (Air Pistol, Free Pistol, Standard Pistol etc.). They are about $2,000 each.

Second of all, education and continuing education in SCUBA: classes are widely available by different organization like: PADI, SSI, NAUI, CMAS, PSAI, NASE, UTD and many others…

In Olympic Style Pistol education and continuing education: Mideast Academy Consulting Group.

Third of all is the cost of education “Open Water Diver class”: it can vary from $600 to $1,500.00, depending on the time and location and provider who facilitate education and certification.

In Olympic Style Pistol cost of education: from $350 (one day class 4 hours) to $760 (two days class 6-8 hours long and three months support) by Mideast Academy Consulting Group. Initial evaluation of your current performance level is FREE: send your 9-12 AP current targets (5 shots each target) and letter with description of your experience, education level and desired level of competitive performance. The initial consultation is also FREE!

The important thing is to understand education in SCUBA is a vital part of your future activities! It is related to your LIFE AND HEALTH which also may be FUN at the same time!

You can’t compensate the lack of knowledge and skills with your justification of why you are not taking them as we often can see in Olympic pistol.

Stages of your SCUBA certification development:

1) Pay for the class;

2) read the book;

3) take the class theory part and complete the quizzes;

4) learn skills in a confined space with 16 hours of practice (guided skills development process in the pool);

5) Final Exam;

6) take the open water part (4 to 6 dives in a lake or ocean);

7) receive your certification card;

8) go and spend your money on your equipment;

9) go places, see people, have fun, enjoy your life and new activities;

10) take a variety of advanced classes if you need to do so. They are available at the same or different locations all over the USA and the world.

This is the 10 steps process and structure behind it. This is safe diving with fun after all accomplishments are completed. There are no cut corners by avoiding the learning theory or taking the final exam and learning the skills under a certified instructor’s supervision.

What do we have in Olympic style target shooting?

What is missing? 5 steps are probably missing. I have to tell you: “There is no FUN to score AP below 565 or FREE pistol below 535. THIS IS an exhausting and frustrating activity to do without the correct knowledge!”

Take the classes my friend! Learn from knowledgeable instructors or coaches and the fun part will follow with your smart decision!

Good Olympic style target shooting!

How much does it cost to take Olympic style pistol private lessons?

How much does it cost to take Olympic style pistol private lessons?

Compared with getting started in other popular adventure sports and outdoor activities, learning to Olympic style
pistol private is not expensive. For example, you can expect to pay about the same as you would for:

scuba private lessons, a full day of surfing lessons, a weekend of rock climbing lessons, a
weekend of kayaking lessons, a weekend of fly-fishing lessons, about three
hours of private golf lessons, about three hours of private water skiing
lessons, one” amazing night” out at the pub…


2011 – 2012 Private Ski and Snowboard Lesson Prices:

Lesson Length Price
Half Day (3 hours)
1-3 People
Full Day (6 hours)
1-3 People


SSI Open Water Class $1,300.00   (private lessons)      

“Buddy System” (Scuba Diving Class)

Recently, I took an open water scuba diving class during
which I learned an interesting concept. Someone who has a similar certification
does not need to explain what it is. For someone who does not know what the
buddy system is, I can shortly explain…
You can not dive alone!

It is critical to have someone who has the same level of knowledge
(certification) to whom you can trust to be your partner during the
diving experience from 30 minutes to 1 hour hour, depending on the depth of your
dive. I believe it is important to bring a similar concept to our sport. To have
some kind of knowledge or boost course, such as how to use your equipment and body while having someone around you who will be your training partner( Buddy).

Going back to initial question, personsally, $620.00 for a FWB 80 in great
condition is an honest price. $10.00 to $50.00 will not make any difference in
someones performance, but it is extremely critical what he or she will do with own

A few weeks ago, I taught a two day class for a young gentleman whose
performance is 540 AP. Based on his current targets, and watching what he is
doing at the shooting range, I explained to him where at least 30 points are
missing (570 AP target goal). After the two day class, he gained the confidence
and knowledge of how to rebuild his performance to reach his target goal in a
few months. I do not have any doubts of him achieving his target goal with a two
months’ of honest practice.

I see a good deal of technical information on TargeTalk, but no one is speaking about where to learn proper skills and
knowledge of proper Olympic style pistol. Without this critical element, your investment is not fully appreciated. These are just only a few of my thoughts, about what I see in this particular topic.

If You Are Inspired …

If you are an inspired international Olympic style athlete, please feel free to contact me toward the arrangement of your own private class toward the accomplishment of your goal to elevate your  performance in Slow fire Olympic pistol shooting (AP and 50m Pistol).

Two Days in Toronto in One Weekend, September 2011

It was a 5 hours drive to Toronto, Canada from metro Detroit, Michigan. We enjoyed the scenery and beautiful weather during the two days we stayed in Toronto. The main reason why we took this trip was to help one young  gentlemen accomplish his goal to move from his existing score performance in Olympic Style  Air Pistol from 540 (90+93+90+88+90+89) to a respectful score performance of 570 in three months.  

I would like to monitor his progress, correct his actions, and provide support until our task will be accomplished.   My expected time frame is three months. Let’s see how it works out. Today is September 19, 2011

Two days in Toronto

Two days in Toronto.

Get ready for the International 30th 2012 Canadian Airgun Grand Prix, Toronto.

It is best time to start preparation for the International 30th Canadian Airgun Grand Prix, Toronto, ON
February 24-26, 2012

at the Doubletree International Plaza Hotel, 655 Dixon Road, Toronto, ON

I Started As A Hobby Shooter

“If I decided to start competing, what do I need besides to learn competition rules and to have a state of the art equipment and Olympic style pistols?”

Starting to compete probably will be enough. It is still your goal in competitions to have fun and be entertained. You will be OK. But if you expect good scores during your competitions, it probably will not happen soon. Why? Let’s imagine a different situation. You come to a restaurant and order chicken soup, but what you really want is steak. When your order arrived (chicken soup), you are disappointed because you expected a medium roasted juicy steak but received chicken soup instead. What I’m talking about is: before you will proceed with an order, you have to think about what you really need.

Is it  your REAL  GOAL to have a good score and win the game or just to have fun and be entertained?

If you are really thinking about the possibility to perform high scores during the match, you have to adjust your mindset, preparation routine, and to really start working out with your preparation plan toward your highest achievement. So what is in your plan? Knowledge of the competition rules, the state of the art equipment, a friendly environment in your shooting club (encouraging people and relatives)? This is all good but not enough. What is missing is: initial knowledge of strong fundamental structure of your future performance, assistance of development toward your goal (mentoring, coaching, and etc…) by someone who has the potential to assist you with knowledge, experience, and time to work with you. I hope it helps you to understand the complexity of the difference between “to wish for” and what one “really needs“. More information about this subject at: Midwest Academy Perfect Single Shot Development Class:

Kapalbhati & Bhastrika

Learn it and practice it.

“Live well, act well, do the right thing in good times and in bad. You need not pursue joy; instead, if you faithfully practice … your happiness will indeed pursue you. You will then come to see that state of consciousness in which the joy in your heart will become uncontainable; like a dam ready to burst. In my most sincere honesty, I tell you that such happiness of the heart is available to everyone when they practice dancing in the lion’s mouth.” 

Chin-Ning Chu  “Dances in the Lion’s Mouth,”

Individuals for International Level AP

I am still looking for a few individuals who are not afraid to perform AP at the international score level.

Some requirements are:

    • Believe in yourself to achieve goals (previous experience will be helpful).
  • The ability to implement and adopt changes in a way of thinking and performance.
  • Available sources (time, finance, and motivation).
  • Initial Experience (ability to perform over 520).
  • Olympic Style AP ($350 value IZH 46M; completely OK).

I will guarantee elevation in performance up to 20 points in scores over a three month period.