I Started As A Hobby Shooter

“If I decided to start competing, what do I need besides to learn competition rules and to have a state of the art equipment and Olympic style pistols?”

Starting to compete probably will be enough. It is still your goal in competitions to have fun and be entertained. You will be OK. But if you expect good scores during your competitions, it probably will not happen soon. Why? Let’s imagine a different situation. You come to a restaurant and order chicken soup, but what you really want is steak. When your order arrived (chicken soup), you are disappointed because you expected a medium roasted juicy steak but received chicken soup instead. What I’m talking about is: before you will proceed with an order, you have to think about what you really need.

Is it  your REAL  GOAL to have a good score and win the game or just to have fun and be entertained?

If you are really thinking about the possibility to perform high scores during the match, you have to adjust your mindset, preparation routine, and to really start working out with your preparation plan toward your highest achievement. So what is in your plan? Knowledge of the competition rules, the state of the art equipment, a friendly environment in your shooting club (encouraging people and relatives)? This is all good but not enough. What is missing is: initial knowledge of strong fundamental structure of your future performance, assistance of development toward your goal (mentoring, coaching, and etc…) by someone who has the potential to assist you with knowledge, experience, and time to work with you. I hope it helps you to understand the complexity of the difference between “to wish for” and what one “really needs“. More information about this subject at: Midwest Academy Perfect Single Shot Development Class: