“Buddy System” (Scuba Diving Class)

Recently, I took an open water scuba diving class during
which I learned an interesting concept. Someone who has a similar certification
does not need to explain what it is. For someone who does not know what the
buddy system is, I can shortly explain…
You can not dive alone!

It is critical to have someone who has the same level of knowledge
(certification) to whom you can trust to be your partner during the
diving experience from 30 minutes to 1 hour hour, depending on the depth of your
dive. I believe it is important to bring a similar concept to our sport. To have
some kind of knowledge or boost course, such as how to use your equipment and body while having someone around you who will be your training partner( Buddy).

Going back to initial question, personsally, $620.00 for a FWB 80 in great
condition is an honest price. $10.00 to $50.00 will not make any difference in
someones performance, but it is extremely critical what he or she will do with own

A few weeks ago, I taught a two day class for a young gentleman whose
performance is 540 AP. Based on his current targets, and watching what he is
doing at the shooting range, I explained to him where at least 30 points are
missing (570 AP target goal). After the two day class, he gained the confidence
and knowledge of how to rebuild his performance to reach his target goal in a
few months. I do not have any doubts of him achieving his target goal with a two
months’ of honest practice.

I see a good deal of technical information on TargeTalk, but no one is speaking about where to learn proper skills and
knowledge of proper Olympic style pistol. Without this critical element, your investment is not fully appreciated. These are just only a few of my thoughts, about what I see in this particular topic.

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