Thoughts of Similarities Between SCUBA Activities & Olympic Style Target Shooting

I would like to share some thoughts about my recent SCUBA activities and “similarities” related to Olympic style shooting.

The first thing in mind is the equipment cost: it is not a cheap activity, equipment costs from $1,500 to $7,000 or more. Our three Olympic style pistols have a similar price range (Air Pistol, Free Pistol, Standard Pistol etc.). They are about $2,000 each.

Second of all, education and continuing education in SCUBA: classes are widely available by different organization like: PADI, SSI, NAUI, CMAS, PSAI, NASE, UTD and many others…

In Olympic Style Pistol education and continuing education: Mideast Academy Consulting Group.

Third of all is the cost of education “Open Water Diver class”: it can vary from $600 to $1,500.00, depending on the time and location and provider who facilitate education and certification.

In Olympic Style Pistol cost of education: from $350 (one day class 4 hours) to $760 (two days class 6-8 hours long and three months support) by Mideast Academy Consulting Group. Initial evaluation of your current performance level is FREE: send your 9-12 AP current targets (5 shots each target) and letter with description of your experience, education level and desired level of competitive performance. The initial consultation is also FREE!

The important thing is to understand education in SCUBA is a vital part of your future activities! It is related to your LIFE AND HEALTH which also may be FUN at the same time!

You can’t compensate the lack of knowledge and skills with your justification of why you are not taking them as we often can see in Olympic pistol.

Stages of your SCUBA certification development:

1) Pay for the class;

2) read the book;

3) take the class theory part and complete the quizzes;

4) learn skills in a confined space with 16 hours of practice (guided skills development process in the pool);

5) Final Exam;

6) take the open water part (4 to 6 dives in a lake or ocean);

7) receive your certification card;

8) go and spend your money on your equipment;

9) go places, see people, have fun, enjoy your life and new activities;

10) take a variety of advanced classes if you need to do so. They are available at the same or different locations all over the USA and the world.

This is the 10 steps process and structure behind it. This is safe diving with fun after all accomplishments are completed. There are no cut corners by avoiding the learning theory or taking the final exam and learning the skills under a certified instructor’s supervision.

What do we have in Olympic style target shooting?

What is missing? 5 steps are probably missing. I have to tell you: “There is no FUN to score AP below 565 or FREE pistol below 535. THIS IS an exhausting and frustrating activity to do without the correct knowledge!”

Take the classes my friend! Learn from knowledgeable instructors or coaches and the fun part will follow with your smart decision!

Good Olympic style target shooting!

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