Dry Fire practice… Not Boring Any Longer!

If someone can tell me: “Dry fire is a boring process”.

I will tell you right away you do not understand what you are doing on the shooting
Dry fire is the most rewarding process (score wise). If the score
is not your main objective, you can keep doing what you have been doing before.
If for some reason you became concerned about your score progress, I strongly
recommend you to attend to one of earlier mentioned clinics on TargetTalk (Brian
Zins, John Zurek, or others who can really perform) and learn about the perfect
development of single shot performance. I guarantee that you will never complain
about your dry fire practice being boring or if you only have ten minutes to do
so. I spent 80% of my practice time on the dry fire process. I saved my time to
drive to the shooting range about an hour and a half both ways. I saved my fee
for the shooting range facility and accordingly to 80% of ammo cost.

Athelet have to deeply understand what he is doing during the dry fire time and he
need a device (pisotl with dry fire option).  Athelet cannot underestimate the importance of each part of his performance. If someone is able to grasp the idea of the perfect single shot development process. This is the time to be passionate with the dry fire process and to repeat this process until it will become effortless ( five stages of six must be performed subconsciously).

After this, you can step up to the next level of the game: competition strategy.

My best wishes to all in Olympic style target shooting!