Do you have a SYSTEM in process?

                                                                     “One must learn by doing the thing; though you think you know it; you can’t be certain until you try.”    -Sophocles

I believe each of us is successful in one thing or other. It means you know how to make money or take care about some issues that others may have trouble to deal with.

There is a SYSTEM behind any success story. You use a certain process to get to this level and once you become confident with this process, you can do it over and over again in any circumstances.

When you were introduced to Olympic style target shooting, you were fascinated with the idea to reach the best possible score, but for some reason, not too many sources know about the actual Successful process. Yes, there are many books written about this subject already. It is like a puzzle, a lot of different details are spread out one from another. Also it is time consuming to read all this information and to put in the process. It is more of a try and error type of process.

What we do in the Midwest Academy Group is a little bit different. I will teach you about the actual successful process of how to elevate your current performance up to 20 points in less amount of time (if you can score 520 or 540 in Olympic Air Pistol). If not, it will not be a problem; we can take care of this. The approximate time frame is 2 to 3 month to develop the new model of performance. This new level is known as the International level (AP 570 and FP 540); it will be our new target goal.

If you are ready to make this valuable choice for your next level of performance, please contacts us for details.