5S™ by Midwest Academy Consulting Group

Let’s talk today about the Structure of 5S™ (5S™ “Structure, System, Strategy, Support =Success) by Midwest Academy Consulting Group.

If the STRUCTURE™ or model of your performance cannot fit the size of a napkin, this theory is most likely to be only a hypothesis.

Unlike the Structure™ by Midwest Academy will open the perspectives of direction of your development. You will see how each element of your performance is connected to each other, how important it is to understand the value of each element, and how to invest time to develop new skills and new knowledge about it.

Why am I telling you about it today? In 2005, I discovered forum which designed to support discussions about Olympic style Target shooting (Olympic Pistol & Rifle). I read long, complicated, and wordy discussions by experts who wrote smart sounding “advises” with not too much value. It was their an intention to make an impression and to make themselves look credible. After taking a close look at those experts and their actual performance (score wise), I found a few errors imbedded in their own performance which prevented them to move toward their own progress in scores. I offered my help (people often judge unknown by known). My advice was not accepted at that moment. The result was a few talented, motivated individuals locked themselves from the opportunity to learn something new and to unlock their own potential to achieve their goal to move up to next level of performance.

If the explanation of your performance is too complex, it is more likely that it will fail.

In order to prove my SYSTEM, I took the challenge and started to practice. I attended to few major events in US and Canada to prove and support my words. I performed respectful scores in those events but most importantly, I spent very little time to get to this level. The most important part was the information which was implemented in my practice: 5S™. (5S™ “Structure, System, Strategy, Support =Success)

Please be advised if someone is telling you a long and complicated theory about their cloudy vision of the final product of their performance. Be careful about the acceptation of those advises, even if the source looks credible (like over 250 posts on the forum or more). Check their real scores first! It can be used for entertainment only.

Do you have time for entertainment if you are ready to compete at the National or International level?

Ask yourself: what is your desired score level? (580 in AP & 560 in FP) Learn from someone who has done it many times and is ready to share these valuable secrets with you. Do your homework my friends!

My best wishes in Olympic style target shooting.

Get ready for 30th Canadian Airgun Grand Prix 2012