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Today we can talk about STRATEGY. One of the best written books about war strategy is: The Art of War by Sun Tzu. There is only one correction. In our case, it is our challenge is to defeat our own mind which likes comfort and does not like to be disturbed by any challenges. You have to come up with a strong idea : Why do you need to perform better than the average person, or why do you have to win the game, or why is this is important to you?

If you can answer those questions there is a chance you will find a solution to perform better.

If you cannot, all of those discussions about technical improvement of your tool (Olympic pistol) or which pistol to buy have very little value toward your actual goal, such as in score improvement. Yes, it will keep you busy for a while, but it will not move you any further as you and all your buddies who are posting and reading the same information from same source, a forum for example.

In most cases, someone who has an “issue” with their own performance will share “wisdom” to other athletes, and spread out the same “issue” to many other unfortunately.

Our sport has a few distinguishing factors from other activities: there are no age limits for participants and is extremely conditioned by human psychology. Do we have to learn psychology to be more proficient? Yes it can be beneficial. Do we have enough time to learn about it? How much do we have to learn? From what sources do we have to learn? Do we know enough to adopt that knowledge? Those are the kinds of questions we have to ask ourselves.

There are three types of decisions we can make (based on our language pattern): “I will”;”I won’t”; & “I can’t”.

“I will” has the power to accomplish things.

”I won’t” is opposing to the process in many situations.

“I can’t” is failure in most endeavors.

It is upon on you to decide which decision you want make to do better in your development, or to come up with the usual excuse and fail again.

In Midwest Academy Consulting Group, we have the solution to most of problem related issues toward achieving a respectful performance in the Slow Fire Olympic pistol program. Are you ready to challenge yourself and to do well in your chosen field? We do!

My best wishes in Olympic style target shooting!

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