5S™ by Midwest Academy Consulting Group: System, Structure, Strategy, & Support = Success.

Today we can speak about SUPPORT in concept of 5S™ by Midwest Academy Consulting Group. The value of Support is an extremely important part of the 5S™ structure by itself. Let’s say some architect created a blueprint of a beautiful building and was not able to supervise this project during construction… A lot of things can go wrong. We have more value on our term of “support” than supervision only. As we discussed earlier we can implement the “buddy system” from the SCUBA concept, which is beneficial as well. The most important part of this process is the competitive performance and ability to bring your performance to the best possible outcome. For inexperienced athletes, each attempt to compete without qualified help will cost from $500 to $1,500.00 out of your pocket; we can see from the current discussion at Olympic style Forum:   http://www.targettalk.org/viewtopic.php?t=31603

How many attempts do you need to understand that you can do better next time?  Is it possible to have someone more experienced to cover your back and help you to build a stronger model of your current performance?

From my point of view this is an extremely expensive and unproductive model to compete without supervision or coaching. By the way, this is your time and your money and more importantly, this is your decision to do things in YOUR OWN WAY…

Are there other ways available?

I believe so. Take a look around. Talk with people, ask about testimonials, talk to coaches, someone can fit to your needs; the initial consultation and evaluation of your performance is FREE.

In Midwest Academy Consulting Group, we have the solution to most of problem related issues toward achieving a respectful performance in the Slow Fire Olympic pistol program. Are you ready to challenge yourself and to do well in your chosen field? We do!
My best wishes in Olympic style target shooting!
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3 hour class intro to Olympic Style Pistol (ISSF) $300.00 For Two

Learn Marksmanship and Bullseye Pistol Target shooting, Olympic Style Pistol, ISSF, International Pistol (NRA) and get $100,000 grand prize and the title of “Top Shot USA”
3 hour class intro to Olympic Style Pistol (ISSF) $300.00 For Two

“Top Shot is an American reality television show that debuted on the History Channel on June 6, 2010. The show features 16 contestants, split into two teams of eight, competing in various types of shooting challenges. One by one, the contestants are eliminated until only one remains. That contestant receives a $100,000 grand prize and the title of “Top Shot.”

Olympic Style Target Shooting (ISSF) & International Pistol (NRA)
More than 20 years experience teaching & coaching in Olympic Style Target Shooting (ISSF) & International Pistol (NRA)

NRA Certified Instructor. One of The Top Ten USA Olympic Style Athlete in 2007 USAS National Championship at Fort Benning, Georgia;

2007 Canadian Airgun Prix, Toronto, Ontario, Canada: GOLD & SILVER Medals;

Coach–Marksmanship and Bullseye Pistol Training, Olympic Style, ISSF, International Pistol (NRA)

Training for all levels of pistol shooters: beginner to Olympic contender
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P.S. All level of experience is welcome. No experience is not an issue! We can help all!
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