How to eliminate three disadvantages?

How to eliminate three disadvantages?

In general, I can advise you to invest in a compressed air pistol for three reasons: to eliminate three disadvantages.

You spent enough time  to understand that Olympic style target shooting is an important activity for you and you need the tool which will match your ability and desires. Usually, I recommend to switch to a compressed air pistol after one year of development.
If  your current model: FWB-65, FWB-80, are a good working horses with three disadvantages:

Reason Number One: Every time when you cock the lever, you have the chance to break the consistency of your grip control. On average, it’s about ten losing points of your performance.
Reason Number Two: there is no dry fire option. After learning with me about the importance of perfect single shot development, the dry fire process should become your primary source for the elevation of your score performance at least twenty points up during the next three months after my class.

Reason Number Three: you can save a certain amount of time during the competition by eliminating the cocking process and concentrating more on your actual performance.