5S Concept™

After being exposed to the 5S System, you will need only one quality: The English Bulldog Determination.

This quality and our 5S Concept will lead you to the desired elevation of your score performance up to 20 points higher in three months.

Your current problem is YOU my dear friend! Your emotions, uncertainty from all informational sources which surround you, and the inability to make the right decisions, but somewhere inside, you know that you can perform at a much higher level than you are doing right now.

 Why does it happen to you and many others who are straggling at this level below 565-570 in Olympic Air Pistol with those toys over $2,000.00 (Steyrs, Morinis, Walthers, Hammerlies etc.)?

You are probably thinking you can control the process? But in reality you are driven by emotions as many others.

 Solution is the System which has such qualities as predictability, reliability, and consistency.

System is an organized process. You can make the right decision at any time and replace your current “try and error process” with our proven 5S Concept™.

Time is running out; you cannot replace this value for any imaginary amount of money. Time is you real value. Use it wisely my friend.

What is the shape or framework of your development? (Practice model).

What is the shape or framework of your development?

Is it organized enough to understand and implement?

Is it strong enough to hold competitive stress?

If you are fun shooter, sorry hobby shooter…you never thought about it. If just happened you become obsessed with an idea to compete or win the game… you must build your own structured performance model or you can borrow it from someone who already has it. Just ask. Time is of the Essence for you now!

Take your boat to the open ocean!