What is the Advanced Level about?

“All your dreams can come true if you have the courage to pursue them”

Walt Disney

What is the Advanced Level about?

At the Advanced level, we will learn a new model and a New Structure which can be beneficial to an Olympic style athlete’s performance during practice time and competitive performance. Look at Quick Set Epoxy Glue for example. This glue consists of two separate tubes or containers with a unique formula in each of them and only works when they are mixed together. Simultaneously they can provide a strong adhesive value with the exposure to the third part, such as oxygen or air (name does not matter).

Why did I pick this example?

 You are in the process to replace your old pattern of performance with a New structured System, such as the Perfect Single Shot Development process. You finally noticed that you can gain control of the process and can acknowledge that only your hard work may bring you to your desired level of performance.

 This System is yours (YOU OWN IT) right now and you can use it in any time of the day or night to analyze your performance and correct necessary issues which can bring your performance to your desired level.

Since your score will go up, you will start to feel some interference with your thought process. How do you stay at the same level of routine during the competitive performance as you have done perfectly a few days ago during the regular practice time?

Can anything be accomplished to ease this discomfort? 

Yes, we know this can be difficult to care of this issue alone. This is why we have a different Structure in place. As a second container of the Quick Set Epoxy Glue, this level has a unique formula (Structure). If you are interested to learn about it (Advanced Level), please contact us any time before your temporary issues become permanent habits.  It will takes two or three times harder to relearn and replace it with a NEW Effective model.

“Whether you think that you can, or that you can’t, you are usually right.”
Henry Ford

I received a few inquires about the requirements of the Advanced level.

Some requirements of the advanced level are:

  • Successfully accomplished Level one ( Perfect single shot development class)
  • You have to show the ability to improve your score performance up to 20 points or achieve 565-570 AP target
  • Financial fulfillment
    of this class has an important psychological value for your future development.

This class has its own structure, not related to Level One. By default, we are accepting the
fact that you understand completely all information from level one and we do
not need to go back very often to discuss all the structural elements and work with
Alpha bad Beta of your performance instead.