I Am Done Reading This Book

I am done reading this book. I recommend doing some brain exercises to adopt and see changes around you and develop the right perception to concur with the difficulties of your life in the most successful way.

83 Neurobic exercises to help prevent memory loss and increase mental fitness.

“Keep your brain alive” by Lawrence C. Katz, Ph.D. & Manning Rubin

The Magic

“The magic lies in the brain’s remarkable ability to convert certain kinds of mental activity into self-help.”

Lawrence Katz, Ph.D. & Manning Rubin 

Is your brain confronted with new task (application to take class) that’s engaging, challenging, and potentially frustrating? 🙂

Get Ready for Your Own Victory

Midwest Academy Consultin Group…. the best place to start your own Olympic Style target shooting experience. Get ready for your own victory!


FREE Initial Consultation

I have a very impressive visual aid for someone who is in the process to make a decision about the FREE initial consultation: practice targets of one of my students with one month interval.

“How do we handle for an appointment? I think we’re more then 5000 km from each other “ 🙂

It depends on your desire: you can walk, you can swim, you can fly or you can do nothing. 🙂

One hour FREE initial consultation for slow fire program ISSF (AP, FP)

Last chance of 2011. One hour FREE initial consultation for slow fire program ISSF (AP, FP)

One hour FREE initial consultation for slow fire program for ISSF Olympic style athletes (competition program) in December 2011 5,6 & 12,13. Michigan, (Troy, Royal Oak, Birmingham, Rochester).
Happy Holidays, Merry Christmas from Midwest academy Consulting Group to all Olympic style athletes!

Contact me: text or call


AP Targets After One Month of Development (Two More Months Left for Development)

There is clear evidence in the second target with sight adjustments down. This string will represent the score value of 95 to 96 points. With the simple multiplication of six,  we will receive the required number of 570. I assume we can have a slight deviation of this number, but the idea is to score 565 to 570 in three months is obvious. If someone is not able to grasp this concept, he will spend years with try and error development to get to this score. Happy Holidays for all Olympic style target shooters!

 I wish you the best!

Targets for Initial Consulting (Before My Service)

All Warriors Are Welcome

“The difference between a warrior and ordinary man is that a warrior sees everything as a challenge, while an ordinary man sees everytthing as either a blessing or a curse.” Don Juan Carlos Castaneda

All warriors ( International students as well) are welcome to my last class of the year 2011 : “Perfect Single Shot Development”™ in December 2011.

Satisfaction rate for warriors is: 100% success guaranteed!

I’m looking for warriors to take my knowledge. Do you have guts to take it?

The price of this class is the challenge. How can I be certain my student will succeed with a new set of knowledge if he fails to overcome one simple challenge, the price for the class?

The Turning point in your performance is

The Turning point in your performance is: Key Code Combination for your padlock.

You can take time and play with it alone or arrange consulting session and save years!

Stay happy my friend!

My advice for today

Improvement of your performance has a unique value. You have to look for a solution outside the box. There is only one gold medal available and there is only one first place out of all competitors. You must develop a custom plan with short term and long term goals to achieve your desired performance score level. You cannot buy score; you have to work for it. Your plan, strategy, and motivation have to fit to your available sources: time, physical ability and ability to invest energy to the learning process.  Simply buying books, DVDs, and tapes is not the most efficient way to accomplish your goal. It is a process and it takes time. You need someone who can monitor the process of your positive changes. Do your own research and sign for mentoring or Olympic style target shooting clinics with prolonged support.

Why am I talking about it today? I came to watch the performance of my 15 years old son at the 24th annual Jiingle Bell Run.

This 5K/10K Run took place at Birmingham Covington School, Michigan. He took 3rd place at this time in his age group. This is his 1st season of cross country at his athletic high school development and probably his 10th competition.  My observation of his performance was kind of surprising. I noticed a few elements of his performance have to be changed to execute his potential and motivation to do better in his chosen field in running.  I am surprised that no one explained to them how to use their arms for better performance. The upper part of his body needs to bring the balance of his whole structure. His next race will be in few days. It will not be enough time to relearn those elements, but at least I will be able to explain to him the importance of the biomechanics of his performance.

My advice for today is: to let someone experienced to help you evaluate your performance if you are striving to better in scores or advance appearance.

“A Cup of Tea” Zen

This is one of my favorite stories:

“Nan-in, a Japanese master during the Meiji era (1868-1912), received a university professor who came to inquire about Zen. Nan-in served tea. He poured his visitor’s cup full, and then kept on pouring. The professor watched the overflow until he no longer could restrain himself. “It is overfull. No more will go in!” “Like this cup,” Nan-in said, “you are full of your own opinions and speculations. How can I show you Zen unless you first empty your cup?”

I have to be ready for the opportunity when it will present itself. “The secret of success in life is for a man to be ready for his opportunity when it comes. Benjamin Disraeli

Like my best shot “10.9”. When I shot it, I felt it immediately. This is all about the moment! But all my process has to be built around the idea of how to hit “10.9”.

You do not need to take a long road if you are over 20 years old. You need only one year to get to level 570 AP (National team performance level). How? This is not a question any longer. If he did it, you can do it too.

Do I have the ability to see, feel, and adopt new knowledge and ideas?

“You can’t step in the same river twice.”