Controlling own body and mind by the will, this is what we do in Olympic style target shooting.

Are you still digging in wrong direction? Take a look in your score and you will get the answer.


“Breathwork refers to ways of consciously working with the breath to catalyze healing and transformation at the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual levels. Breathwork practices form the foundation of many of the world’s wisdom traditions and are a gateway to accessing deeper states of consciousness. Learning to breathe properly and consciously benefits us at many levels, and is taught in India’s pranayama yogic traditions, qigong Taoist breathing exercises, Buddhist-derived mindfulness exercises, and modern non-religious breath-oriented practices.

Conscious breathing is the single most important practice we can do to improve our health, regardless of exercise and diet, states Andrew Weil, MD, pioneer in the field of integrative medicine and bestselling author of many mind-body books. In fact, Dr. Weil reports that breathing exercises get more favorable responses from patients than anything else he teaches.

To learn the art of healthy breathing, Dr. Weil turned to Eastern traditions, including yoga, which view the breath as a vital link to the prana, or energy of the universe. In his practice and research, Dr. Weil discovered the secret of breathwork’s power over our health and its remarkable ability to influence—and even reprogram—the nervous system. Breathwork offers tremendous benefits to our health and well-being, from increasing energy, to lowering blood pressure, to improving circulation, to beating anxiety disorders without drugs.”

The Essentials of Self-Care, by Ann Marie Chiasson, MD

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