Bravo Adam!

Scott Pilkington and Ruslan Dyatlov at 2007 USAS National

Scott Pilkington and Ruslan Dyatlov at 2007 USAS National

I’m glad you got it! You score represents your way of thinking!

If you remember one of my posts on TT when I explained the process of when someone is pushing two pedals in his own car: brake and gas….

At a certain point, someone has to make the decision and release themselves from the subconscious brakes.

What happened with your score right now is the effect of when you are able to see your goal crystal clear and you able to really understand what I wrote. I can’t teach you how to score 565 or 575 in AP… because I can teach only how to score 580 AP and 560 FP (this is my way of thinking and performance).  This is the only language and words embedded in my way of thinking or perception.

 If my words will resonate with your inner “YOU”, you will find out the way to get what you really need from me!

Why do we keep good books in the house and keep reading them over and over? Each time we are able to find more interested details which were “hidden” from our ability to grasp completely and understand for first time when reading. Isn’t it strange? Books are still the same, and we are the same. Our perceptions changes, and our  experience becomes more reachable (expended) and we become able to see more details in the same book. That finally appears when we are able to reveal more important details to our new vision.

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