572 AP in Two and a Half Months

If I was in your shoes I would do the following:

Stop competing.

Get to a solid performance level 565-570
(Practice score).

Mr. R. did it in two and a half months after working
two days with me.

I can tell you that to perform at level 580 AP and 560 FP I do not need a Scatt. Mr. R. did it without a Scatt too.  Is it OK to have one? Yes, there is no problem with that.  But Scatt cannot be replaced of consulting or coaching service.

 What does my service exactly mean?

My service is consulting, and mentoring.

I do consulting to discover your hidden problems in your performance.

 I do mentoring if you choose so on a monthly basis; 3,6, 9, or 12 months to support your new model of performance and to protect you from developming incorrect habits during this adjusting period.

Your goal is not to beat the computer, but to deal with your mind, emotions, and human nature. If you are not a scientist or coach, you can survive without it for a while.

After you choose to start competing or go further up to 575 or 580, I can provide support to you.

I need to see you first in order to detect problems on a lower level and arm you
with the correct tools.

It does not matter how far you will climb up with your existed pattern, sooner or later you will stop moving forward in
your scores if your initial training is not accomplished correctly, like any foundation of a building. If the foundation of the building is designed for one story of a building, you cannot put 10 more levels on the same foundation. You have to rebuild it first.  It will take lot of effort to rebuild your system and make you successful again!

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President of Midwest Academy Consulting Group

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