Fulfillment of your financial obligations is a psychological step

Fulfillment of your financial obligations is a psychological step.

 It will represents your desire not only to talk about your favorite activities, not only will it be an emotional reaction which can lead to buying more stuff, but it can actually do something that not many people do in our sport: pay for consulting and mentorship.

 This step itself will separate you from other club members who are not committed to the performance, but an enjoy atmosphere of friendship and competition surroundings.

After you will fulfill your financial part, I will let you know what to read first prior to our initial meeting. I may supply you with additional information based on your level of a comprehension.

Why is scoring 565 in AP is important? It is not just a number. This level represents the confidence and ability to have a solid base of skills and knowledge. It is in your power to get to this level in three month from 540 or 550.

I hope you understand the ownership of a Scatt will not place you further in your performance.

I understand if someone who is dedicated to the sport who is not able to perform 565 during one year has an issue related on a basic level, which can be part of the complex problem. If I do not see a solution to fix your issue by distance yet and  if you will send me your next targets, I will repeat the same words for you: Your problem will not go away by itself. You can develop a new one by trying to fix your current issue. This is more likely to happen. This is why I recommend you to stop competing to avoid developing new issues before solid 565 will be reached on a constant basis during your practice routine.