What Is the 20/80 Rule in Olympic Pistol?

The 20/80 or Pareto principle can be successfully applied during Olympic pistol training. The idea behind this rule is simple. 20% of specific activities have to calculate 80% of elevation in performance. The practical application of this rule is in the implementation during the dry fire process. During an early age in my competitive career, the dry firing process was the most boring and tiring part of practice.

Since the Perfect Single Shot Development Concept™ was introduced to the athlete; the visual image of the dry fire process was changed completely.  I successfully used this type of practice a few times in my life to achieve the competitive International Level of Performance in six months, after an eight year gap in training. 80% of the time was used during the dry fire process with devices allowed to perform the dry fire trigger squeeze. The second part of the 20/80 rule is understanding and applying the trigger point of the POP (Peak of Performance), and the “Flow” in Target Shooting or practice. If an athlete is not able to perform AP 570 or FP 545 constantly, it is too early to talk about the “Flow” or other kinds of subconscious performance stages because he is constantly dealing to fight mistakes in his technique. The third part is the engagement of specific training activities which can produce an elevation in competitive performance in the practice routine. The execution of this program allowed me to practice 45 to 90 minutes a day (5 times a week) while performing respectful competitive scores: AP 575+ & FP 550+.

Conclusion: “Perfect Single Shot Development Class ™ is an essential part of engagement of the 20/80 rule. It can save time and deliver results in months instead of years. Individualized training is available for aspired Olympic style target shooting athletes in Troy, Michigan, by Midwest Academy Consulting Group.