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Letters, E-mails and Tweets and  from my Blog Posts Readers:

“Russ Have you come up with anything, video or book, that can teach people like myself outside of America your teachings in pistol shooting? I know you do a lot of one on one observing of a shooter, but when this is not possible can your teachings be implemented in other ways.”

Thanks, Greg


“Russ (targettalk forum)  I live in Jersey, Channel Islands, UK near France. Is it possible to distance learning of this class?  How much does it cost? “

 Thanks,  A.

Channel Islands, UK

Dear Friends,

My sources are limited (time and money) at this point to do a video or DVD collection. There is too much available information about this topic and I do not want to be lost in a marketing competition with my books or video. I’m working on individual bases at this point. If you are looking for improvement, I have to evaluate your current performance first, show you your weakest links in your structure (if you have any), reinforce it or rebuild it, and monitor your new model of performance for over 2-3 month (expected progress of 20 points higher from level 540 AP). And do it again, untill the point of your desired score level well be reached.

The main point is I did not only use observation. I need to talk with you to understand your real problems in your performance, not only those which you assume are bothering you, but the most important one which is hidden from you because your brain operating on the level of your actual score. It is not an informational issue (lack of information), but more a complex issue. As we know, ISSF (Olympic target shooting) is 90% psychology, but before we can step to this level of psychology we have to learn how to actually score 565-570 in AP. Afterwards, we can actually start to talk about the psychological concept in our sport.

If you really need help, you will find how to use my service or someone else’s service who is capable to help you to reach your goal. You do not need any more books or videos! Your time is running out.

You need mentorship and live qualified assistance. Traditional coaching will take years to get to the level of what you are capable to reach in a three month period by using proper techniques and mind set. Actually you need both!

I do not do traditional coaching.

I do problem solving for motivated athletes. In order to move up in performance, you have to distance youself  from hobby (recreational) shooters attitude.

Ownership of an Olympic pistol will not place anyone to the actual Olympic sport!

Ownership of an Olympic pistol and reading (blogs, forums, books, and magazines) will not place anyone to the actual Olympic sport!

Ownership of an Olympic pistol, reading (blogs, forums, books, and magazines) and an electronic training device (as a SCATT or NOPTEL, etc.) will not place anyone to the actual Olympic sport!

YOU have to take ACTION! If you are expecting outstanding performance from yourself, you have to take extraordinary moves. Doing the same routine and expect different result is definition of insanity.

There is only one way to get involved (I’m talking about successful performance, not an unexciting one) is start looking for mentorship. Do your own research. Pay the price.

If you are capable to spend $2,000 on one piece of equipment, I think you will find some extra money half of its price for the actual classes which can boost your performance and will stay with you forever, and more importantly, making your performance shine!

Please let me know if I answered your question correctly?

If you are willing to schedule your initial training, please let me know.


Ruslan Dyatlov

Midwest Academy Consulting Group

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