The Healing Power of My Cat Pavlova. The Second Story

It is happened again. Last weekend, I did some heavy staff lifting around my house and woke up in the morning with severe back pain. I know what the cause of it was, but this knowledge did not help me to cope with the pain. My wife gave me some pills, applied some hot pads to my back, but there was no progress. On the third day when I was in bed, my cat Pavlova came to me and sat on the crouch on my right arm whole night. I discovered her in the morning by trying to release my right arm from “uncomfortable position” because my cat was sitting on it. I realized that my cat saved me again from this unfortunate health issue.  I think this is miracle. 90% of the pain was gone. I felt great again.  I did some research and find out that similar situations happened with many other people who are taking good care of those wonderful creatures!

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