My advice for today

Improvement of your performance has a unique value. You have to look for a solution outside the box. There is only one gold medal available and there is only one first place out of all competitors. You must develop a custom plan with short term and long term goals to achieve your desired performance score level. You cannot buy score; you have to work for it. Your plan, strategy, and motivation have to fit to your available sources: time, physical ability and ability to invest energy to the learning process.  Simply buying books, DVDs, and tapes is not the most efficient way to accomplish your goal. It is a process and it takes time. You need someone who can monitor the process of your positive changes. Do your own research and sign for mentoring or Olympic style target shooting clinics with prolonged support.

Why am I talking about it today? I came to watch the performance of my 15 years old son at the 24th annual Jiingle Bell Run.

This 5K/10K Run took place at Birmingham Covington School, Michigan. He took 3rd place at this time in his age group. This is his 1st season of cross country at his athletic high school development and probably his 10th competition.  My observation of his performance was kind of surprising. I noticed a few elements of his performance have to be changed to execute his potential and motivation to do better in his chosen field in running.  I am surprised that no one explained to them how to use their arms for better performance. The upper part of his body needs to bring the balance of his whole structure. His next race will be in few days. It will not be enough time to relearn those elements, but at least I will be able to explain to him the importance of the biomechanics of his performance.

My advice for today is: to let someone experienced to help you evaluate your performance if you are striving to better in scores or advance appearance.