AP Targets After One Month of Development (Two More Months Left for Development)

There is clear evidence in the second target with sight adjustments down. This string will represent the score value of 95 to 96 points. With the simple multiplication of six,  we will receive the required number of 570. I assume we can have a slight deviation of this number, but the idea is to score 565 to 570 in three months is obvious. If someone is not able to grasp this concept, he will spend years with try and error development to get to this score. Happy Holidays for all Olympic style target shooters!

 I wish you the best!

Targets for Initial Consulting (Before My Service)

All Warriors Are Welcome

“The difference between a warrior and ordinary man is that a warrior sees everything as a challenge, while an ordinary man sees everytthing as either a blessing or a curse.” Don Juan Carlos Castaneda

All warriors ( International students as well) are welcome to my last class of the year 2011 : “Perfect Single Shot Development”™ in December 2011.

Satisfaction rate for warriors is: 100% success guaranteed!

I’m looking for warriors to take my knowledge. Do you have guts to take it?

The price of this class is the challenge. How can I be certain my student will succeed with a new set of knowledge if he fails to overcome one simple challenge, the price for the class?