Can You Tell Me Where Your Training Takes Place?

 “Can you tell me where your training takes place, and what accommodation is around.

Also, do you need to bring your own guns, or are none needed or do you supply them for the duration of the course?”

1. Accommodation is around: Troy & Birmingham, Michigan: Drury Inn & Suites,  575 W Big Beaver Road, 48084 Troy Michigan

2. My training can takes place at: Oakland County Sportsmen’s Club

 3. Also do I need to bring my own guns along? It is not necessary if your level of performance is below 565 in AP. In most cases, my students are overwhelmed with information and our worries are only how fast you can adopt changes in your current performance. I have a few Olympic style pistol Grip sizes: Medium, Right hand.

If you will come to the USA, you do not need any pistols or ammo to avoid unnecessary problems with U.S. Customs and Border Protection.

Surpass the achievements of my father and my grandfather…

“Surpass the achievements of my father and my grandfather…” The Tudors”

Have you ever thought about it?