Do Not Forget to Inspect Your Pocket Change

Should we continue?

Let’s take a different example. Let’s talk about a simple copper penny. If I will tell you a simple cooper penny can bring you $20,000.00-$80,000.00, will you start to pay attention to your pocket change from day you gain new information about the same subject which you held in your hands for the whole the time?

 I bet you will!

28 copper pennies have not surfaced yet!

 It does not take too long to check the date on it if you know what you are looking for. I will give you a hint; it a copper penny made in 1943.

Why did I bring up this subject?

To make a point of how we all act based on information available to us at the current level.

If we will gain a different set of knowledge, we can produce a different result.

Since our main topic is Olympic style target shooting, I can mention a similar conclusion. Your performance is a result of your current set of knowledge. If you gain this set of knowledge from the source of all hobby shooters gathered around, do not expect your performance will shine someday. The other way is to start your own research and to use the try/error method, if you have time. Another option is to simply go to someone who “KNOWs HOW” to do it in the most effective way in a short period of time. Do your own research if your own performance matters to you.

By the way, do not forget to inspect your pocket change. You may find this lucky copper penny.

My best wishes to all.

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