Some Thoughts About Psychology in Our Sport

Today, I would like to share some thoughts related to the subject of the psychology of this sport. Very often, I see discussions with people who are trying to stress attention about psychology without paying any consideration to current score performance. I shared my thoughts earlier about the importance of strong knowledge and the skills to perform a “Perfect Single Shot”, which I have separated as a special topic to my students.

The second important part is the Structure of your training routine. There are many points of attention after you have accomplished the initial two day training. Without practicing your new knowledge with supervision, you can lose some important elements of your development. This is why the third element as Support or supervision became a vital part of your successful development. After the successful accomplishment of those three elements, you will be able to produce a score of 565 to 570 in AP  with strong confidence. When those numbers will be achieved, this is the time to engage in the psychological game. This is my outline for current and future students and I would like to remind everyone the next seminar will be available in March, 2012.

The thing about psychology and your particular level of score performance, the lower your score performance level is, the more stressful your performance will be and vice versa.  The other issue is if your score is less than 565-570, it represents a certain percentage of mistakes made on a technical level (System, Strategy, and Structure). What we are doing right now with you is taking your performance up to the level where you will not struggle with fundamentals any longer but will be open to deal with the real psychology game (how to win the game and how to perform at the same level as your practice score is).