Occupy the National Final in Your Own Country

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I would like to offer an unlimited time frame of my support for ISSF (Olympic style qualified athletes in the slow fire program AP) to reach level 565 after the initial two day training: “Perfect single shot development class”™.

International students welcome.  Selection criteria is: one qualified athlete for one country.

(NEW in 2012) Bonus item:  you will receive a cue of “How to cope with stress during the match” after the successful development of all necessary skills to perform 565.

I am offering a NEW 2012 format for the “Perfect Single Shot Development Class ™” for each individual who will take this class after January 2012. I will provide supervision and all necessary monitoring for practice activities after the successful accomplishment of this class for the six following months. I am expecting a score elevation up to 565 to 570 in AP. Anyone who can reach this level in three months and continue to perform at this level and reach any National Level Final will receive a professional grade automatic dive watch (Specially Engraved) as a contribution for a successful performance from Midwest Academy Consulting Group. The offer is valid from January 2012 to May 2012. Please contact me by email for details if you are interested to participate in this endeavor.