The Value of The Initial Session is Critical

I would like to add a few thoughts about live v. distance education and the importance of an initial meeting.

Why am I coming back to this topic? I have a few requests to provide a distance education. I would like to share my thoughts about the pros and cons of doing this. First of all, we are supposed to understand the importance of personal contact. Any message during the dialogue is bi-directional. It means we have an immediate response for the current message. In distance learning, this value can be diminished. Another important part of live dialogue is understanding valuable parts of our speech in the meaning of the words (vocabulary), rhythmstress in a particular sentence,  intonation, and body language which can be used to emphasize the meaning of our language. The same sentence can be a statement and question. These values are critical for both parties. For the coach who can deliver his messages and for the athlete who can express his difficulties and troubled areas. It is very important before we will cure something, we should make sure we properly recognize the area of our concern. Instead of providing vague recommendations, we must identify the exact problem and make small a incision to place a new correct value. It’s up to you to choose the way enhance your performance, either by distance or by personal contact.

The value of the initial session is critical for clarity of the understanding and future elevation in the score performance for motivated athletes.

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