Working With FLOW

“Should I wait a bit for my performance to stabilize before raising my heart rate?”

Good question. Yes, you have to learn how to stabilize your heart rate in the most efficient way. This is an important part of the game and I will teach you how to deal with this issue. But the initial part of your performance must take place (AP 565 & FP 535).

Below this level you may struggle dealing with fundamentals instead of working with FLOW.


For some athletes and many hobby shooters, this (a lack of stamina) is a considerable problem. In order to compensate a sufficient level of stamina, they try to force or speed up trigger squeeze execution which also affects their wrist control.

If you choose to become a competitive athlete, please consider special training to eliminate this issue.

Ask “How” if You Only Know Real “Why”

Formulate your problem with a “How?” if you know its  real root cause!

Practice Routine With a Different Level of Awareness

Practice Routine With a Different Level of Awareness

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