Overcome Psychological Barriers

It does not matter what sport you are involved in, Olympic pistol target shooting or parachuting, is also known as skydiving. Each discipline involves some steps to overcome psychological barriers. Probably Olympic style target shooting is not related to life threatening activities, like skydiving but this psychological step must be accomplished during the earliest days of your practice routine. Otherwise, you will not see too much progress in your development in the long run.

 No one told you about it?

 Well, to whom do you address your question? What classes did you take?


 Why did you purchase your equipment if you do not have the intention to learn?

You think you are a natural with it?

No my friend, there is some scientific knowledge you have to possess in order to perform a respectful score. Afterwards, you can learn detailed information from someone credible. Only after those steps you can really start to master your performance, which is known as a PRACTICE!

Your performance is the mirror of your thinking process. No one can help you if you can’t ask right the questions.

Please do not be shy. Treat yourself with respect. Get some education first in your favorite activities!