Common Logic

Today, I conducted an experiment. I approached nine people who did not have any firearm shooting experience with two questions. “What do you think is the most important quality to hit the target from a distance of 50 yards?”

Seven of them told me it is necessary to have a good eye while another told me body and eye coordination was important, and only one young individual told me the brain. I completely agree with the last statement from that young individual.

The second question was, “Why do you think in this way?” The first seven answers were one must see the target perfectly; otherwise it will be difficult to hit it. The two other answers were, “Not sure, but complex skills must probably be developed.”

Even this short conversation can give a clue of future development.

You will definitely understand watching your target is a bad habit to have. You learned about other fundamentals and finally stopped at a certain level with the same average performance as your club members.

Imagine yourself if you only use a logical approach. “You need good vision to see the target in order to score a perfect group”.

How far you can go with common logic?