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The Value of the Perfect Single Shot Fundamentals Development Class


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What is the idea behind specific exercises for trigger squeeze?

I like this question better than “subconcious trigger squeeze” development. First of all, what is the idea behind specific exercises for trigger squeeze? What is the point? What would you like to develop during those exercises? Are there any exercises for this matter? You most likely will not deliver the value for this subject. I will explain why.

Two of the most important parts in fundamentals are the execution of trigger squeeze and sight alignment. Can we hold two thoughts during one moment in our head? Probably not. One part of those two should take place. Trigger squeeze is the final stage in our development. If other parts of the fundamentals are not executed in the correct order, I am 99% sure you will never see trigger squeeze development on the subconcious level.

What do I do in my class exactly?

If someone is interested to raise their performance to a higher level, I review all the fundamentals by adjusting them to the peak of performance. Afterwards, trigger squeeze becomes a logical and effortless culmination at a subconcious level (without any special training). From my point of view, special exercises on this subject will not bring any value to someone who is asking for help.
Omitting value of other fundamentals will stop you from development of automatic ( subcoucious ) trigger squeeze development.

Is your initial development took place somewhere without qualified help? (I’m not using the words “my help”). There are many knowledgeable people who can handle this issue in the correct order. If you have competitive aspirations, go and ask for help. Otherwise, ”If you always do what you’ve always done, you’ll always get what you always got, and you’ll always feel what you always felt.”

I posted it in 2005. “The Value of the Perfect Single Shot Fundamentals Development Class”

Someone got the point, someone is not.