Valuable Clinics From Canadian Airgun Grand Prix

I suggest someone who is interested in the development of a higher competitive performance to mark in their calendar the Canadian Airgun Grand Prix 2013. I recommended my students to sign up in two complimentary events (Clinic – Shooting Finals & Clinic – Overcoming Match Nerves) which are presented by Match Director, Patrick Haynes. All participants received very valuable information and advice from both events with top level international shooters. Avianna Chao shared her experience and brought interesting points from real, live international experience. The second topic of overcoming match nerve contained interesting and practical information which can be a valuable source for any inspired Olympic style target shooting athlete.

An Interesting Observations From The Canadian Airgun Grand Prix 2012

I just arrived from the Canadian Airgun Grand Prix and would like to share a few thoughts of my observations. I found it very interesting what I saw on Friday during practice before the CAGP. Probably only one shooter used a blank target during the practice session, who eventually became the top shooter on the list over a two day competition with the highest score. My second observation was when I saw another top shooter who spent about fifteen to twenty minutes writing in their shooting diary while sitting in the same chair after their last shot. My question is how many less experienced athletes who came to this competition with the desire to make the national team or perform the best possible score do not really pay attention at the small details which top shooters cannot ignore.

My best wishes to all.