Competitions Are A Learning Process.

30 th Canadian Airgun Grand Prix 2012

30 th Canadian Airgun Grand Prix 2012

I would like to share some other thoughts from the 30th Canadian Airgun Grand Prix.

Competition is definitely a very important stepping stone in the learning process of developing skills and knowledge for any athlete, not only by analyzing their own performance, but what is most important by learning from the performance of other top athletes. How many of you checked prior to the mach in your schedule the performance of top of international ranked athletes in your discipline (pistol or rifle)? Yes, we have many people observing finals and many failed to check the technique of those top eight finalists before this moment (actual two days match).

I see many who are interested to know and learn about the mental game of this sport. Yes, it is a crucial part of any successful development. Patrick Haynes made a very clear statement about it in his presentation and he also mentioned a shot plan, which from my point of view for many less experienced shooters is still a very weak link to progress in their development. Many inexperienced shooters are still looking for magic tips instead of the development of a solid shot plan execution. It is sometimes not a very exciting process but this is what makes the difference in performance of champions and others who cannot deliver a solid international level performance. In conclusion, if you are looking to progress in this sport, please take notes for yourself in order to check the performance of elite athletes, even observation will tell you much.

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