7 Days Before 30th Canadian Airgun Grand Prix Starts

7 Days Before 30th Canadian Airgun Grand Prix Starts

Olympic Pistol Consulting PRO LEVEL

Olympic Pistol Consulting PRO LEVEL

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Common Logic

Today, I conducted an experiment. I approached nine people who did not have any firearm shooting experience with two questions. “What do you think is the most important quality to hit the target from a distance of 50 yards?”

Seven of them told me it is necessary to have a good eye while another told me body and eye coordination was important, and only one young individual told me the brain. I completely agree with the last statement from that young individual.

The second question was, “Why do you think in this way?” The first seven answers were one must see the target perfectly; otherwise it will be difficult to hit it. The two other answers were, “Not sure, but complex skills must probably be developed.”

Even this short conversation can give a clue of future development.

You will definitely understand watching your target is a bad habit to have. You learned about other fundamentals and finally stopped at a certain level with the same average performance as your club members.

Imagine yourself if you only use a logical approach. “You need good vision to see the target in order to score a perfect group”.

How far you can go with common logic?

Overcome Psychological Barriers

It does not matter what sport you are involved in, Olympic pistol target shooting or parachuting, is also known as skydiving. Each discipline involves some steps to overcome psychological barriers. Probably Olympic style target shooting is not related to life threatening activities, like skydiving but this psychological step must be accomplished during the earliest days of your practice routine. Otherwise, you will not see too much progress in your development in the long run.

 No one told you about it?

 Well, to whom do you address your question? What classes did you take?


 Why did you purchase your equipment if you do not have the intention to learn?

You think you are a natural with it?

No my friend, there is some scientific knowledge you have to possess in order to perform a respectful score. Afterwards, you can learn detailed information from someone credible. Only after those steps you can really start to master your performance, which is known as a PRACTICE!

Your performance is the mirror of your thinking process. No one can help you if you can’t ask right the questions.

Please do not be shy. Treat yourself with respect. Get some education first in your favorite activities!

Rule 30/70.

What is your tool : hope or confidence?

“Birds of a Feather Flock Together”

Do you need to change your score performance this year in Olympic pistol (ISSF) or International pistol (NRA)?

Do something about it! Learn something new; implement it in your performance. Invest in knowledge.

Choose your reference group wisely. “Birds of a feather flock together.” Before you will accept any advice from any “field expert,” check their own level of expertise and credentials (score performance), not only wall  certifications  before you copy their “theory”  to your performance. I see this happen very often at places with “kind of free shared” information. Advise is free but subsequence of potential harm can stop any motivated individual’s performance for a long period of time. In conclusion,  think twice before you will act on it.

Just remember, you will receive award medals not for the enthusiasm of your starting efforts, but for the time of crossing the finish line. Therefore, think wisely about each step of your personal journey to success.

Working With FLOW

“Should I wait a bit for my performance to stabilize before raising my heart rate?”

Good question. Yes, you have to learn how to stabilize your heart rate in the most efficient way. This is an important part of the game and I will teach you how to deal with this issue. But the initial part of your performance must take place (AP 565 & FP 535).

Below this level you may struggle dealing with fundamentals instead of working with FLOW.


For some athletes and many hobby shooters, this (a lack of stamina) is a considerable problem. In order to compensate a sufficient level of stamina, they try to force or speed up trigger squeeze execution which also affects their wrist control.

If you choose to become a competitive athlete, please consider special training to eliminate this issue.

Ask “How” if You Only Know Real “Why”

Formulate your problem with a “How?” if you know its  real root cause!

Practice Routine With a Different Level of Awareness

Practice Routine With a Different Level of Awareness

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What is Objective of Your Practice Time?

What is objective of your practice time?

It is definitely not the quantity of delivered shots during your practice time,

but the quality of your conscious effort to produce a “perfect shot” and …

I Would Like to Verify This Information to YOU

What is the MAIN concept of my class “Perfect Single Shot Development™”?

I would like to verify this information.

This is a SET  of specific knowledge and certain skills developed over a period of three months with the goal to deliver a certain (sure)” 9” as an outcome of your efforts (anything below “9” is not expected and “10” is a logical effect…