6 Calming Foods to Zap Stress

How to Reduce Stress: Healthy Foods



Required Reading : Book of Academic Macolm Gladwell

“Practice makes perfect: Why it takes 10,000 hours to be a success at anything, according to a top academic”

I Have A Few of My Own “An Aha” Moments

I have a few of my own “An Aha” moments. All of them happened in the USA. I discovered a lot of things, how to develop a score level of 570 in AP for my students in the most efficient way.

For a certain period of years in my life, I was “obligated” to perform above this level and I never consider myself as a gifted athlete, (besides having the right attitude and logical way of thinking). I was able to develop a “survival package” when I was a part of the CISM program development in the early 90s.

At the time when I came to the USA, there was no longer the need of such qualities from me to do this. I am still concerned about teaching and passing the same information to someone who is more fortunate than I am in my situation (no financial help, no time for practice, not in good health in comparison to my 20s).

So what did I discover?

I found health conditions can be treated without using drugs!

I found out by using my system for a highly motivated 62 years old gentlemen, the level 570 can be achieved in two and a have months!

There is no need to spread this information. It will not do any good for couch potatoes.  This is not a cure for cancer or other despises; people can survive without this knowledge. Owning this system and sharing it with the right people makes me feel good.

I also feel good about knowledge to have self discipline, the right attitude, a big dream and the correct “System”in place so you can perform on the same level as most talented individuals in the field (Olympic Pistol, ISSF).

Do You Have Your An Aha Moment?

When have you gained real wisdom in your olympic pistol perfomance?

Recipe for Success

Recipe for success.

  1. Study the subject in detail.
  2. Practice to perfection. Repeat it with perfection a thousand times.
  3. Rehearse it with your master to avoid costly mistakes in the process of developing a new pattern of performance.
  4. Repeat this process at the new  level over in the same order.

I do not know what number you have in your mind, score wise 560, 570 or 590 in AP. Sooner or later you will receive what you are looking for. The question is how hard you want it and how much time is left to really enjoy what you are looking for. Money is not an object here. You are always able to achieve what you want. The last question:“Is it really what I need?”