4 Triangles With 6 Matches…The Same Way of Thinking

How Do You Make 4 Triangles With 6 Matches?

The Truth Is Often Most Profound.

 What exactly makes you happy in Olympic Style Target Shooting? Feel happy about what exactly?

How to measure the level of your satisfaction in the chosen field?

The shortcut

The shortcut

“There is no way to happiness. Happiness is the way.
There is no way to peace. Peace is the way.
There is no way to enlightenment. Enlightenment is the way.”
– Thich Nhat Hanh

 The truth is often most profound.

You have to believe in your source. Trust that it is a working model to you also. Of course, you have to know what it feels like to make “The Perfect shot” in order to know what your reference point is.

Just interesting stuff:

This is an excellent presentation on happiness by Daniel Kahneman, Nobel Prize winner and author of Thinking, Fast and Slow.



Establishing Competitive Advantage…

There are only two ways to establish competitive advantage: do things better than others or do them differently.”

Karl Albrecht

???? How about to do things Better and Differently? 🙂

Why people are  trying to limit own potential? 😦

Looks like things can get changed.

 I joined “TT” forum in  2005 and I newer saw some one asking questions in correct order and some one warning people of taking advices from the Internet. Looks like things can get changed for better. :)

Posted on “TT” : Tue Mar 27, 2012

All you distinguished pistol shot badge holders and old timers please share the tips and tricks to shooting CMP Service Pistol matches. What do you think helped you? Thanks in advance.”

“And as a final note: know what you are trying to accomplish, as well as the repercussions of your choice, before you take advice off the internet.”

It took only seven years…

I can not imagining what can be done in the next seven years in the evolution  of human thinking.

Girls, Guns, Love, Mariachis… Cool :)

Girls, guns, love, mariachis… Cool 🙂

Gin Wigmore – “Hey Ho”


Invest in Knowledge. Get Ready for the USAS National.

For your convenience, I can now accept payment for my class by credit card using a PayPal account.

NEW in this season. Advanced Olympic Pistol Slow Fire Program, cross training Air pistol & Free Pistol 101. Distance support is available (up to one year) after participation in Initial Basic Class.
Please call to details, leave the message or email me.

Group discount is available also.


Who Fits Into This Model?

You to need only open your mind to understand a few things:
First: Prioritize the task. To shoot over 575 AP was an obligation for me, not fun and I did it for many years.
Second: You need to have DESIRE to achieve your goal! Not a moderate wish of a “couch potato.”
Third: You have to trust yourself that you are capable to score above the average level.

Fourth: Trust in the Source of the concept idea of your current development. I can say you need Faith.

Fifth : The individual must have System, Structure, Strategy, and Support to achieve Success in area his desired performance. This is totally my thing, not related to USSR coaching at all! Is there any mystery of this subject to you?
Anyone who fits into this model can do 570 in three months! I have reports from my students who done it and many others will do it too!

Fun is the wrong transportation for this task. If you are looking for fun, that would include only recreational activities and it does not matter what you told to your wife to justify the next purchase of a $2,000.00 toy. 🙂

No Shortcuts Please.


The perfect single shot development class 101. (2012)

 The training has to be done for each individual who is looking for successful performance. We are not selling certificates but we provide a realistic training for our any competitive ISSF, NRA, or cross training athletes. It has to be done and repeated all along your years of Successful competitive or recreational performance.

Today we have the System, Strategy, Structure and Support; we need trained and motivated individuals to use it!

One More Time About NPA

Actually, I have a story to tell about it. Please remind me about it during our next meeting…

Posted: Thu Dec 15, 2011 11:15 pm    Post subject: Re: I lernd about NPA from Afanasijs Kuzmins


David Levene wrote:

Russ wrote:
At age 61 Kuzmins finished 13th overall in his eighth Olympic appearance

It would almost certainly been 9 but for the USSR boycott of LA in 1984.

With a bit of luck he’ll benefit from a Tripartite place for London.

I was luck enough to shoot against him several times in the 1980s when he was in his prime. IMHO, one of the greatest ISSF pistol shooters of all time, maybe even THE greatest.”

Perfect Single Shot Development Class 101 With Russ

Perfect Single Shot Development Class 101

Perfect Single Shot Development Class 101

Perfect Single Shot Development Class 101 With Russ.”

No charges required (FREE admission for one supervising adult) with one underage participant. (Buy one, get one FREE)

Please bring 5-7 most recent AP targets (5 shots each). You can submit your questions online prior our meeting.

Full refund (Class Fee) guarantee during first  90 minutes  of our class, if for some reason you will be not interested to learn and participate.

Free performance evaluation..

Troy , Michigan USA

Contact me by E-mail prior schedule appointment.

Preconditions of the class: written goal statement, level of performance 500-550 AP, complete fulfillment of financial obligations.(cash, check, money order, certified check, wire transfer for international participants)

You have to believe in yourself, I will provide only tool for you, which is “the KNOWLEDGE and SUPPORT”.

My very conservative assumption of the impact after this class is:

“You can expect elevation on your score performance over 20 points during 90 to 120 days.  up to level 565AP”.

Competitive ISSF Pistol athletes’ database. Networking access will be provides. Please ask for access after the class.

Hotel reservation for (international and out of state participants):

Drury Inn & Suites Troy

575 W Big Beaver Road Troy, MI 48084

US & Canada: 800- 276- 7415

Drury Inn & Suites Troy is located in Troy, close to Somerset Collection. Additional area points of interest include Detroit Zoo.

Hotel Features.
Recreational amenities include an indoor pool, a spa tub, and a 24-hour fitness facility. This hotel has a 24-hour business center and offers small meeting rooms. Complimentary wireless Internet access is available in public areas. The hotel serves a complimentary breakfast. Guests can enjoy a complimentary reception on select days. Self parking is FREE complimentary. Additional property amenities include laundry facilities


Live practice can take place at: OCSC-Oakland County Sportsmen’s Club

4770 Waterford Road Clarkston, MI 48346

or   Pontiac Lake Shooting Range,

7800 Gale Road, Waterford: (248) 666-1020. Rifle, shotgun, muzzleloader, pistol and archery ranges. The range is fully accessible for persons with disabilities.