Maslow’s hierarchy of needs

“What do I wish to accomplish here on TT? What does any person wish to do in any forum? Seek answers? Help others? Is this a stretch for you to understand, Russ”
What does any person wish to do in any forum?

Some of them can try to satisfy own ego , or look for personal satisfaction or personal recognition it is easy to see to everyone who is aware of “Maslow pyramid values”.

Maslow’s hierarchy of needs’s_hierarchy_of_needs
Providing “help “from level of 530-540  is to share knowledge of your own “issues, mostly related to the level of development of fundamentals” without any knowledge how to fix it.

Reality is a Little Bit Different

It is interesting to see every day visitors from twelve to thirteen different countries. They do not ask questions and they do not follow specific topics or ideas. At the current moment, I see my ability to help motivated Olympic style target shooters to achieve their goal by providing personal monitoring of performance after the eight hours of initial training. My mission is to help particular athletes to achieve the peak of their personal performance in Olympic style pistol shooting. I am facing the situation when the athlete is disclosing that they have talent in target shooting, which is why they chose the discipline. Unfortunately, reality is a little bit different from their point of view.
First of all, if we take a look on his initial performance, they are far away from the attribute of talent, score wise. Second, it is better to hear from someone else who will tell you that you have talent. Third, the definition of talent from the national team coach’s view will be close to the property of stress control. If a particular athlete cannot proceed through the final selection out of the best national team members toward the team they would like to participate in international matches, the value of this particular athlete will decrease, even if he is capable to perform over 570 AP during practice time.
I divided my approach to help athletes in three steps. The first step is the development of average 565 AP in a regular basis. The reasonable amount of time from three months (depends on initial level of performance). Second, the advanced level of the practical development of different stress control applications is related to the objective to match the practice score with the competitive score. Third, the master class is the final stage of development related to the same routine as any athlete will face at the time he will be accepted to the selection of the national team selection.
All applications are based on personal experience over the 20 years of participation in competitions with the top level international athletes from Ukraine, Belarus, and Russia.