Conceptual Issue of the Forum

Incorrect ideas can drastically affect someone’s competitive performance if they do not have a personal coach who is not able to explain the effect of implementations, “NEW Things” from an unknown source of information.
The cost of one trip for a “unsuccessful competitive performance” is about $1,000.00, time to recover after this trip is about to 1-3 months (if someone can recognize what the actual cause of the problem is). I do not provide any advice before the initial meeting with my new student. And this initial consultation is basically related to the cleaning of “ALL trash collected over the years from unknown sources.”
This is the only way to move from 520-540 AP up 25 points over three months.
If someone does not understand the significance of this impact, his level of consulting is to help recreational shooters (to help them kill their time), entertain others and support sales if your “wise” ideas are not working.
This is the conceptual issue of the forum. This is what is holding many motivated shooters from years of progress!

The human mind is very receptive instrument. This is why elite athletes do not participate too often on TT; check their rate of posts (John Bickar joined in May, 2004 and only made 140 posts in 7 years).

The implying message of, “we are free source o f information” is not really free.
Take off few a elements of real conceptual ideas (fundamentals for example) and you can “help” for years without any actual progress.