Who Fits Into This Model?

You to need only open your mind to understand a few things:
First: Prioritize the task. To shoot over 575 AP was an obligation for me, not fun and I did it for many years.
Second: You need to have DESIRE to achieve your goal! Not a moderate wish of a “couch potato.”
Third: You have to trust yourself that you are capable to score above the average level.

Fourth: Trust in the Source of the concept idea of your current development. I can say you need Faith.

Fifth : The individual must have System, Structure, Strategy, and Support to achieve Success in area his desired performance. This is totally my thing, not related to USSR coaching at all! Is there any mystery of this subject to you?
Anyone who fits into this model can do 570 in three months! I have reports from my students who done it and many others will do it too!

Fun is the wrong transportation for this task. If you are looking for fun, that would include only recreational activities and it does not matter what you told to your wife to justify the next purchase of a $2,000.00 toy. 🙂