TT Topic: Practice

TT Topic: Practice

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Наталья Ветлицкая “Глаза цвета виски”

Наталья Ветлицкая “Глаза цвета виски”

А-Студио – Оставляю тебя

А-Студио – Оставляю тебя

А-Студио – Fashion girl

А-Студио – Fashion girl

Do You Have “Your Own Hamburg” in Your Life?

Do you have “your own Hamburg” in your life?

“5S” System by Midwest Academy Consulting Group

Do you remember that old saying: “God made man, but Samuel Colt made them equal”?

Do you know about Malcolm Gladwell’s 10,000-Hour rule?

I have a combination of two rules in my “5S” system: how to spend much less than 10,000 hours of practice to produce equal performance with Top International Olympic style pistol shooters.

It is available NOW for ISSF competitive  level athletes with a mandatory two day class by Midwest Academy Consulting Group in Troy, Michigan.

Free Initial evaluation of a competitive athlete’s performance. ($150 Value.)

My Advice on How to Stay Focused

“Russ, since you mentioned but never actually shared, could you in fact give an advice for shooter who e.g. recently shoot stated threshold score of 99 in one series, or 98, 96, 98, string at one training. The rest of results linger in 92-93 area. Beside usual mistakes in technical executions, like lost of focus from the front sights or poor trigger that need ironing out, what would be your suggestion for mental steadiness and control. Could you share what can be done to improve capacity to stay focused, at least some generic advices that can be applied to anyone?”

Let me explain to you how it works. If you are capable to achieve a score level during a regular practice such as 98, 96, and 98, but if your score drops to 92 or 93; it is shows that you have a problem in your Strategy. When I will discuss all your performance with the presence of your targets, I can show you exactly what went wrong. During the match, it can happen that we have one string lower than others, but repeating the same pattern is not psychology; it is ignorance.

My advice on how to stay focused, no problem. Take Bikram yoga: 60 days challenge. You will have all your questions of the mental capacity answered. I have done it twice in the past and I’m doing it now. I’m in my third 60 day journey. We can talk later after your first accomplishment: 90 minutes of focusing and concentrating every day in the next 60 days. It is a great challenge! After this program, everything will be less complex for you.
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Learning Experience, I like this video.

Learning experience, I like this video.

Fear is your friend.   Parkinson’s Law: “Work expands to fill the time available for its completion. “

This is Very Common Problem

This is very common problem.
“You have better mental control than me. If I looked through the scope it would have been all over….
I shot a 99 once though….”

It is not mental control. You need mental control during the match. What you need is to score 97-99 with the execution of the fundamentals. You definitely have a few elements missing in your performance and you are replacing them with one issue such as “mental control.” By the way, if you are capable to score 99 once, you can score 570 at a regular basis. You need to learn what is missing in your current performance and fill up this missing part. At the same time, your confidence will go up.

It is a very common issue if once in while, you score a high score of 99 or 97. Mentally, you graded yourself as an advanced shooter and you start looking for knowledge which will reinforce “your advanced level capability”. 
Mental control is definitely a vital part of advanced level performance.
At the same time, advanced level expectations cannot go below 570 in score performance! 
I can repeat it one more time. If you are not capable to score 570 at a regular basis, you must seek help to evaluate your current level of performance and fix not one, but two or three elements in your fundamentals.
This is what I do in my two day class. I am very confident in this subject and if you believe in yourself and are looking for the real advanced level of performance, you have to schedule a one to one clinic with someone who is knowledgeable to help you.

Ruslan Dyatlov
Midwest Academy Consulting Group

Five Year Gap

Today I took my Morini CM 162EI to the Oakland County Sportsmen’s Club pistol shooting range to check what I’m capable after not practicing since June 2007.