NEW in 2012. Advanced Class 101: Olympic Style Pistol / ISSF

“To GET what I’ve  never had, I Must DO what I’ve NEVER Done before.”

All classes will be taught in a private manner with an accent on your personal needs and a correction to your troubled areas. The private lesson will take place at Oakland County Sportsmen’s Club with indoor and outdoor shooting ranges, located in Clarkston, Michigan.

The following classes are available for you:

Refreshment Class: One Day (6 Hours).

Advanced Level I (Psychology, Strategy, and Stress Control):  (8-10 Hours: 2 Days). One Year of Support.

Advanced Level II (Psychology, Strategy, and Stress Control): (8-10 Hours: 2 Days). 6 Months of Support.

Master Class (All-Inclusive): (8-10 Hours: 2 Days). 2.5 Years of Support.
Every six months, one day of 6 to 8 hours of practice and consulting, evaluation of performance, and access to a new level of skills and knowledge (related to your current performance) will be provided.

Why is “2.5 Years of Support” such an important number?

“Wealth is created in short bursts by positioning yourself in front of massive growth” -Bill Gates

Bill Gates positioned himself in front of massive growth for three years and was rewarded with a “Top line in his discipline.” (Forbes Magazine)

How long are you willing to continue your old routine?

Is this the time for someone to improve something in order to receive different outcome?