Recreational Olympic Pistol vs. Competitive Olympic Pistol

Recreational Olympic Pistol vs. Competitive Olympic Pistol.

Olympic pistol will be the same. It is all about the mindset. First, someone must decide what the idea is about investing in this sport. Is it for entertainment only or for competitive development? Since there are not too many health benefits in these activities, I think the most valuable part is the idea of self development will be the most appropriate definition of complete development.

How to start in Olympic Pistol?

In both cases, I strongly suggest to take a few classes. NRA Basic Pistol will cost you about $150. It provides good information.  After that, you can search local clubs with similar styles of activities, and ask suggestions from members toward continuing education. If you decided to compete locally, a few books and access to the internet public forum will satisfy your needs, like By the way, if you will decide that you will travel and compete at the State, Region, National and International level, I will strongly recommend you to seek coaching help, budget for education and look for assistance from knowledgeable sources (mentorship). From my experience, the most successful Olympic style target shooting athletes have not just one, but two or more coaches (personal coach and National Team coach).

Do not set yourself short in supplies of valuable knowledge and information. Otherwise, you will pay a high price for disappointment of unsuccessful performance and embarrassing low score performance.

Get prepared with education, mentoring support as well as your technical part (Olympic Pistol) and physical development. It takes Strategy to set yourself a part in score performance!

See you at the shooting range.

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