This is Very Common Problem

This is very common problem.
“You have better mental control than me. If I looked through the scope it would have been all over….
I shot a 99 once though….”

It is not mental control. You need mental control during the match. What you need is to score 97-99 with the execution of the fundamentals. You definitely have a few elements missing in your performance and you are replacing them with one issue such as “mental control.” By the way, if you are capable to score 99 once, you can score 570 at a regular basis. You need to learn what is missing in your current performance and fill up this missing part. At the same time, your confidence will go up.

It is a very common issue if once in while, you score a high score of 99 or 97. Mentally, you graded yourself as an advanced shooter and you start looking for knowledge which will reinforce “your advanced level capability”. 
Mental control is definitely a vital part of advanced level performance.
At the same time, advanced level expectations cannot go below 570 in score performance! 
I can repeat it one more time. If you are not capable to score 570 at a regular basis, you must seek help to evaluate your current level of performance and fix not one, but two or three elements in your fundamentals.
This is what I do in my two day class. I am very confident in this subject and if you believe in yourself and are looking for the real advanced level of performance, you have to schedule a one to one clinic with someone who is knowledgeable to help you.

Ruslan Dyatlov
Midwest Academy Consulting Group