It is important to understand what we do in my class

 It is important to understand what we do in my class.

Someone who climbed to this level AP 565-570 too long and not willing accept the new level of vision, he is not preconditioned to my class. He will always be looking how “to attach new buttons to his old blazer”( rephrasing this statement is: Tips vs. a new systematic approach.)

With this type of fast track improvement, do you think that your student will have gained enough overall shooting experience to be able to draw upon when the match nerves take over or when something goes wrong? ”

Situation when the match nerves take over is next level of my system.

First step is creating confidence and comfort level of performance AP 565-570 570 during first three months of my support without destructions of competitive environment.

Second step is taking this model of performance to the competitive environment and test it, adjust it, improve it.

Third step  is when my student is capable to perform same level of performance during the match we can take his level of performance where he can surpass his practice level performance during the match. I have this experience, and I know what to do to reach this level.