Determination Lesson.

The main point of this message is that it is not necessary to wait five or ten years to collect and use the trial and error approach to achieve your goal. Your time is the most valuable thing. After five to ten years, your health level and your ability to see will slowly decline. It is an important factor to stay sharp, fit, knowledgeable, and determined to pursue your goal. Olga Kousnetsova came to the shooting club at the time when no one (coaches) was interested to even talk with her because by their decision making system, she was already “old” and not potentially valuable for the competitive team. By accident and curiosity, she was told to come the next morning because no one was able to convince her to leave the shooting range in one evening. This is how her story starts. In one year, she made the National Russian women’s pistol team and the rest of the story you can read on the internet and ISSF ranking database. This is the story of the 1996 Olympic Champion in women’s air pistol who knew what she wanted with her determination and clear goal vision.

I disagree with you Rob.

I disagree with you Rob.

I see many issues here on “TT”:
First issue is: when you and few others quietly and actively ignoring the fact that guided help is most effective way to help motivated athlete (not the reading of ten confusing posts from unknown sources.)

Second issue is: Any advice must be based on initial evaluation on performance, but not only on thoughts of unknowledgeable athlete.

Third issue is: you Rob become a part of the group of a few individuals who are benefited from hiding the real help.

I can continue this list.
Cost of this “trying to help” is wasted years for someone who built his performance on the ideas of questionable solution.

Rob, you are the coach, as I heard (provider of guided education). How many times from your 2486 posts at this forum, you just mention that “guided education is most effective way to achieve high competitive objectives”? I am afraid, that you not done it even once. 😦