Measuring Your Return on Initial Investment.

Congratulation, you became a happy owner of a few nice Olympic style Pistols (Air pistol, Standard pistol and Free pistol). This is roughly about $7,000.00 in total. What is the next step? You start searching on the Internet to learn something about Olympic style target shooting (ISSF) or start gathering information from your buddies at your local shooting club. As time passes by, you did not make too much progress. It seems you learned a lot over the year or two, but progress in your score performance froze at a very low level. You may ask yourself, why? What is wrong with me or with my highly priced pistols?

Nothing is wrong with you or with your pistols. The cause of your stagnation is your initial approach to get what you want. If you initially made the decision to spend $7,000.00 for recreational activities and use the Internet and your local advisors from your club, there is nothing wrong with this approach, but in the bottom of your heart you believed that you can do much better than your friends. There is nothing wrong with your beliefs as well. The only problem is the decisions made on those values (current perception) that lead you toward your current performance.

If you are not happy with your current score, you have to change your way to practice and learn something new. Search the internet for successful achievements, follow by leaders and “copy and paste” their success.

If you learn over the years such terms as: “Bad Days”, “Chicken Finger”, “Snapping”, “Unantisipation of the Shot” and etc…, your values of current knowledge are probably very questionable and you are driving toward the wrong direction my friend. Time is for U-turn.

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